Trésor Otshudi is a professional singer, dancer, musician, author, composer and choral director. 

In 2011, he won the TV show 100% Phenomenes on the TF6 channel in France with his song and his original concept, "R&B Ndombolo." 

He won the singing contest Pacifique en Chanson 2018 in Canada with his original songs "Love", "Encore Y Croire", "Na Lingi Yo" and "R&B Ndombolo" .

He produced a solo album « Destin » and 2 Eps 
«R&B Ndombolo 1 and 2 ». 
His music has allowed him to tour Europe, Africa, North America and Asia with Trinity Western University. 
Also, his father, Pépé Felly Manuaku, is a legendary guitarist of the Congolese rumba. 
Trésor has a certificate of choreographic and artistic studies from Choreia, a Professional Performing Arts School and a B.A. in Music from Trinity Western University. 
He is also a music educator at Long & Mcquade in Vancouver, in Canada.