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Tresor will teach the audience

how to dance the style of music and dance that he created called R&B Ndombolo.

What is R&B Ndombolo?


A dance-fusion, that combines urban moves and Congolese dance!

Also, during the workshop, the students will learn other popular styles of dance from Congo.

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Tresor Music
Tresor Music
Tresor Music
Tresor Music
Tresor Music


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"Tresor taught an African Dance workshop for our competitive dance students and they loved it!  It was high energy, unique and a lot of fun.  As the biggest music and dance school in the province, we provide a lot of workshops for our competitive dancers and by far this was a favourite.  We are careful to invest wisely in the extra education our dancers receive and this was an excellent chance for them to experience something new.  Tresor made the workshop challenging, but fun and related very well to the dancers with his outgoing and friendly manner.  We highly recommend this workshop."

Valerie  Beckford / School Director  / Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance Ltd.

"Tresor Otshudi is amazing to work with! We adore him! We were in the casting process for our new box set of Dance It Out/DIO DVDs and was sent his audition tape by our producer. He was so energetic and had such a great attitude,we hired him on the spot. He was very professional, lovely to work with and charmed the entire set with his smile. We hired him again for our appearance on Breakfast Television and yet again when we did The Shopping Channel. Tresor is our go to guy.He is very talented. We'd work with him anytime"

Billy Blanks Jr. & Sharon Catherine Blanks / Owner / Blanks Studios Creators of Dance It Out DIO

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